British Sky Broadcasting runs sky Vegas Casino. This agency comes with a firm reputation that has helped the casino rise the ranks fast. Additionally, the provision of pretty bonuses has built their clientele base by the millions.

Sky Vegas Roulette

Gamblers are welcomed with a ten pound no deposit bonus. The welcome bonus is a two hundred percent match that can go as high as one thousand pounds. These bonuses can be used on all the available games including slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and live casino games.

Sky Vegas Roulette Versions

Roulette is among one of the oldest casino games, with its invention tracing back to the sixteenth century, The Little Wheel, which is the game’s name in France, was developed by a French monk and introduced to the gambling world not long after. The game later spread across the globe, which prompted the creation of numerous versions of the same as it the case with most popular casino games. Of all the versions that were developed, the American and European versions stood out as the most popular.

Sky Vegas roulette comes in thirteen variations, all of which are provided by Interactive Gaming Technologies. They are:

  • European Roulette

Being the most widespread variations, it is understandable why Sky Vegas Casino would include it in its list. The game offers all the basic rules and high payouts.

  • Zodiac Roulette

This is a rare type that replaces the numbers in the pockets with Zodiac signs. This means that the wheel consists of thirteen pockets: twelve signs and a single zero. This variation offers some of the worst odds, so most gamblers refrain from indulging in it.

  • Sky Vegas low stakes roulette

This is European roulette best suited for low rollers. The stakes-placed can start as low as one penny.

  • Sky Vegas high stakes roulette

This is European type that is made available for high rollers, with the maximum bet limit bar raised to five thousand euros.

  • Premium Roulette

This version also features European rules but combines the stakes for both low and high rollers. The minimum possible wager is one penny while the maximum stands at five thousand pounds.

  • Double bonus roulette

In this variation, an additional pocket is included to the thirty-seven that serves as a bonus. Landing the bonus earns the gambler various prizes including an extra spin at the wheel alone or free cash to place wagers with.

  • French Roulette

This version features the French rules of the game. However, unlike other versions of the same, the one offered at Sky Vegas does not include either the En Prison or la Partage rule.

  • Golden Clover Roulette

The game is played on a clover shaped board rather than the usual round wheel. It comes with more pockets than the usual kind of roulette.

  • Multiball roulette

This variation uses as many as eight roulette balls on one table.

  • Roulette Hot Streak

This variation includes a bonus round that offers gamblers the chance to multiply their wagers by up to twenty-five thousand times.

  • Three Wheel Roulette

This version features three wheels on the same table as opposed to one. Gamblers have the freedom to either wager on one, two, or all of them as they please. However, they are limited to placing wagers on the same number on all three at a go.

  • Lucky Star Roulette

The round wheel is replaced by a star in this variation.

  • Double Action Roulette

This version is similar to the three-wheel type, where two wheels are placed on the same table. The gambler can choose to wager on either one of the wheels or both at a go.

Live roulette is also included in this collection. All the Sky Vegas roulette variations are subject to the same Return To Player (RTP) rate: ninety-eight point zero six percent. Even so, some of the versions, such as Zodiac, offers fewer chances for the gambler to hit a winning number than others. Therefore, it is advisable to find the best version that works for you before indulging in any.

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